Meet the LA Kings' doctor Cindy Pfeiffer

When it comes to a sports franchise there are a lot of players beyond the players on the ice. Since 2014 the NHL has required a physician on the sidelines. For the Los Angeles Kings it is trauma doctor Cindy Pfeiffer.

We met up at her home in a quiet Los Angeles canyon home. Her day job in an emergency room is anything but quiet. Working various local hospitals she saw the worst of COVID times. Her interest in medicine came while working in Africa and meeting members of Doctors Without Borders.

Pfeiffer and husband, actor Chris Bruno have two big fur babies. Together they have a show in the works, called Top Shelf. The theme is adventures in sports medicine. They are adventure seekers. She rides her own Harley, is a snowboarder and scuba diver. They fly helicopters. He surfs, and is a retired MMA fighter. She is now also a ringside doctor for MMA.

Pfeiffer is from LA. Credit her father with her thirst for adventure. In her teens her family moved to Canada, where hockey is king. Although she admits, she is a terrible hockey player.

Pfeiffer is present at the LA Kings home hockey games. The nation witnessed the importance of a trauma team when NFL player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the football field.

The Kings lost in Game 5 against the Edmonton Oilers Tuesday night by a score of 6-3. Edmonton leads the series 3-2.