Meet one of Charlotte's Leap Year babies

Imagine only having your official birthday roll around every four years.

That's the case for babies born on February 29.

Amauri Willie Jackson is one of Charlotte's "Leap Year babies." Amauri's mom, Ashley Jackson, says there are some positives to being a leap year baby, like getting to pick which day you celebrate.

And for the big birthdays, like 16 and 40, he'll get to celebrate on his actual birth date.

But Jackson is not looking forward to explaining the Leap Year to her son when he gets a little older.

Jackson said, "He might be like, 'Mom, why did you have to have me on this day? I don't have a birthday.' But he does have a birthday. But we don't know when it's going to be, maybe the first. We'll celebrate the first [of March]."

Jackson was five days past her due date, so she never expected Amauri would be a Leap Year baby.

By 2:30 p.m. Monday, Novant Health had 12 babies born in the Charlotte area on February 29, this leap year day!