Mayo Clinic develops test to detect COVID-19, under review by FDA

Mayo Clinic developed a test to detect COVID-19. (Mayo Clinic)

The Mayo Clinic has developed a test that can detect the novel coronavirus, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The test, which is called "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2" (SARS CoV-2) Molecular Detection, has been validated and is now up for review and emergency use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration. If approved, it will allow hospitals and public health departments to send tests for review to the Mayo Clinic. A spokeswoman says Mayo Clinic has the capacity to run 200 to 300 tests for COVID-19 a day.

This test also allows for results within 24 hours.

"We have the expertise to create tests such as this one, and we felt it was our obligation to help ease the burden that the CDC and public health laboratories are feeling at this time," said Dr. Matthew Binnicker, the director of the Clinical Virology Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic, in a press release.

The test can identify the virus from samples collected from throat swabs, saliva, bronchial washings and more.