Masked demonstrators wave Nazi flags in front of Tennessee capitol

A group of masked demonstrators wearing red T-shirts flew flags marked with swastikas outside the Tennessee Capitol building in Nashville on Saturday.

State Rep. Justin Pearson posted the video showing the disturbing incident of the group wearing red shirts and black balaclavas standing on a raised hill. Some of them carried flags bearing the Nazi swastika.

"Disgusted that Nazis are comfortable doing this," Pearson wrote on social media. 

 Rep. Justin Jones also posted a video of the group marching through the city. 

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"Just left an event honoring a Black sorority and spoke of the need to unite against the rising tide of white supremacy, only to be confronted by Nazis marching through downtown Nashville," he wrote in the post.

State Rep. Aftyn Behn also posted a picture of the group outside the Metro Courthouse.

"Our office is closely monitoring the Nazi rally downtown – these groups once relegated to the dark corners now feel empowered to spew their noxious ideology out in the open due to our state’s leadership REFUSING to condemn their speech and actions," he wrote. 

The demonstrators have not yet been identified. 

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.