Marriage proposal goes wrong when boat sinks

A man's romantic proposal to his girlfriend didn't go as planned when the boat they were on capsized in the East River.

Franklin Chiu and his new fiancee Vicky Lee were among 19 people that had to be rescued when the dragon boat sank about 1:40 p.m. on Sunday.

"The proposal went without a hitch, it was just making it back to the dock," Cho said. "But thankfully I held onto the ring."

The Coast Guard says the wooden dragon boat from the Azumi Rowing Club was completely submerged by the time rescue crews arrived on the scene near College Point, Queens.

"Good thing I listened to him and didn't put the ring in the dry bag because if I did, that ring would be at the bottom of the water right now," Lee joked.

Everyone on the boat was wearing a life jacket. They were given towels by FDNY rescuers and taken to the College Point Yacht Club.

It was unclear what caused the boat to flip.