‘Mario Kart Tour’ coming to iPhones and Androids

Mario Kart fans, get ready — because the iconic Nintendo game is coming to iPhones and Androids.

The game, dubbed “Mario Kart Tour,” is set to be released on Sept. 25. Mario Kart Tour launched its official Twitter account on Monday and will tweet out more details on the game as it gets closer to the download date.

A trailer showing off some of the race tracks, characters and overall game-play was released on Tuesday.

Mario Kart Tour will have players racing around the world in courses “inspired by real-world locations,” such as Rome, Japan and New York City, according to the website. Players can also collect drivers, karts and gliders as well as upgrade them.

While details on whether classic courses, such as Rainbow Road or Yoshi Valley, will be included haven’t been released, Nintendo said the game has “new takes on classic courses.”

The city courses and special in-game event courses will be available during specific time periods on the launch date “and beyond,” a press release stated.

Anyone who wants to be notified when Mario Kart Tour is ready for download can pre-register on the game’s website, mariokarttour.com/en-US.

While the game will be free to download, there will be in-game purchases needed to unlock certain features. A Nintendo account is also required to play the game, and anyone who already has an account can obtain an in-game registration simply by linking the account and game.

The game was originally set to come out in March, but Nintendo delayed it to spend a little more time on development, according to Endgadget.