Man tries to jump out of moving car in I-94 chase with Michigan State Police

The Michigan State Police have released a dashcam video that shows a man who was running from police, swerving around traffic, and even tried to run across three lanes of the highway to get away.

MSP released the dashcam video from the January 3rd chase on Tuesday. 

The video shows the driver being chased by an MSP trooper west on I-94 as he drifts between lanes and around several cars.

The trooper continues to follow the driver but at a bit of a distance. The video flashes forward a few frames and the driver of the car opens the driver's side door and appears to be trying to bail while the car is in motion.

The car then veers onto the grass shoulder before he pulls it back onto the road, across all lanes of traffic and into the median.

From there, the driver is standing up inside the car, with half of his body hanging out before slams into the cement median. 

Then the driver bailed out of the car, climbed over the median and ran across eastbound traffic while Michigan State Police were on the west side. 

At least one trooper called out that a taser was deployed.

The suspect, who MSP did not identify, was wanted for several warrants and "did not want to stop".

MSP stressed that the purpose of the video is to show "how quickly things can change for police" who are working every day.