26-year-old man shot and killed during FaceTime call in San Bernardino

An Inland Empire family is reeling and pleading for information. 

Vincent Heredia, 26, was invited to a party in San Bernardino Saturday night. 

He was sitting in his car waiting for the woman to come out of the house when instead someone approached him and shot him dead. 

"I lost my voice, all the crying and grieving of my son," his mother Irene said. 

Mario and Irene Melgoza can't believe their gentle giant of a boy is gone. 

The Melgozas know details of the moments before Vincent's death because he was on Face Time with a friend. 

That friend told the grieving family she briefly saw a Latino in a dark hoodie who pulled open Vincent's door. 

Right now police have no leads, but Mario has a theory. 

"With the girl, she has a baby daddy and he had gotten into a fight with my son. I think the guy wanted revenge for that," he said. 

Vincent lived with his family and had just received a promotion at his job in security at the Ontario Airport. 

He aspired to go to college to become a parole officer. 

He leaves behind his parents and three siblings.

"He was a really good brother and a good guy, and he did not deserve this at all," said Adrina Melgoza, Vincent's sister.

There may be multiple people who witnessed his death and the family is pleading for them to come forward to help them in their pain.

"I'm a mom. I want to know what happened to my son. If anybody knows, I want to know… because I know my baby would want that too," she said. 

A GoFundMe has been created to help pay for Vincent's funeral expenses.