Man drugs, attempts to kidnap woman at popular WeHo club The Abbey

The LA County Sheriff's Office is investigating a case involving a man who drugged, sexually assaulted and tried to kidnap a woman from the popular West Hollywood nightclub The Abbey. 

During a press conference Thursday, authorities announced the arrest of Kent Okukporo. 

On Feb. 25, West Hollywood patrol deputies received a call from a woman and several witnesses alleging a man placed several drugs in her drink while she was at the club. According to officials, after the woman become disoriented, the man grabbed her arm and attempted to take her outside and into an unknown vehicle. As he held on to her, he sexually assaulted her; the woman was able to get away from the suspect. 

The sheriff's department said the suspect was seen by security guards at the club pulling on the victim. Security guards intervened, causing the suspect to release the victim and leave the location. 

The suspect returned to the club the following day but was spotted and identified by security guards. They then called the sheriff's department who came and arrested the man. 

Okukporo was arrested and charged with drugging someone for the purpose of sex assault, attempted kidnapping and sexual battery. He posted bail and was released on March 1. 

Detectives believe there may be additional victims and are seeking the public's help in identifying those victims. 

The Abbey released the following statement, "This is the first arrest West Hollywood Sherriff’s have made in the recent wave of alleged drinking spiking and drugging. The suspect was arrested because of The Abbey’s well-trained security team. We work closely with law enforcement on these efforts including many undercover operations. Our law enforcement partners have repeatedly told us that our security team is the most professional, most cooperative, and most effective at preventing these and other types of crimes."