Man caught on video punching two women in Downtown LA tells his side of story

The video made the rounds on social media. It's disturbing and the suspect faces felony assault charges. But on Thursday, he spoke with Fox 11 to tell his side of the story hoping to clear his name.

"I definitely feel bad...I wish they didn't spit on me or attack me," said Arka Oroojian.

Oroojian is telling his side of the story after video surfaced that appears to show him punching two women during an altercation last weekend at a hot dog stand in Downtown Los Angeles.

Oroojian claims what you don't see before the cameras started rolling is one of the women coming at him first when he began expressing dissatisfaction with the quality of his hot dog.

"The woman that was cussing me out spits on me. Her friend then attacks me. I fall down on the ground and they both start kicking me," said Oroojian.

That's when the 30-year-old ultrasound technician and aspiring rap artist said he got up and fought back.

"I mean, if you look at the video it shows them coming towards me and I was just defending myself and the last thing I wanna do is fight," Oroojian said.

After the altercation, Oroojian ran away but ended up surrendering to police late Tuesday. He was booked on felony assault charges and released on $90,000 bail.

Oroojian says he is also speaking out to defend himself against attacks on social media.

"The truth is, I was defending media crucified me...they're crucifying me," said Oroojian.

Fox 11 spoke with one of the women involved and she disputed Oroojian's account of what happened. she said both she and her friend suffered concussions and she's also dealing with memory loss over the incident.

Oroojian is due in court February 22, 2019.