VIDEO: Man beats dog in Anaheim while yelling 'I don't give a f---'

A man in Anaheim had his dog taken away after he was caught on camera viciously hitting the dog in a now-viral social media post.

The video was shared on Instagram Sunday. According to the post, a group of people confronted a man on the sidewalk near the Sunkist Gardens mobile homes, after allegedly watching him hit the small dog.

The video shows the man rearing back and slapping the animal, sending it sliding down the sidewalk while yelping in pain. The couple yells at the man. When they asked him why he hit the animal, he simply said "this is my dog." When they shouted "that's animal abuse," the man replied "I don't give a f---… Get out of my business."

(OC Hawk)

In a statement to FOX 11, the Anaheim Police Department said "we are aware of the disturbing video. The dog is in the care of [Orange County] Animal Care. The investigation is ongoing."

On March 13, officers located the man, identified as Maynard Allen, in LA and arrested him on felony animal cruelty charges. Allen was booked into the Anaheim Police Department Detention Facility for the warrant and was ultimately released after posting $100,000 bail. 

(OC Hawk)

Cameras captured OC Animal Care officers removing what appeared to be the dog from the viral video from the area later Sunday.