'It's either you or the dog': Man allegedly kills girlfriend's puppy during fight

David Sumlin

A man was arrested after police say he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend's puppy during an argument. 

Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department arrested 32-year-old David Sumlin just after midnight Monday. He is being held on $50,000 bail. 

According to LAPD, Sumlin was fighting with his ex-girlfriend and during the argument he held a pillow over her dog, pointed a gun into the pillow, then stated "it’s either you or the dog." 

He then fired two rounds into the pillow, striking the 4-month-old puppy. Officers transported the puppy to a local animal shelter where it passed away.

A criminal complaint filed in court, discusses Sumlin's extensive criminal history, including multiple felony convictions prohibiting him from possessing firearms and ammunition.