Man accused of scamming food trucks out of thousands of dollars across California

They dreamed of owning their food trucks, only to be duped out of thousands of dollars. FOX 11 spoke with people in Northern and Southern California who say Fernando Ochoa Juaregui, the owner of "8 A Food Trucks," sold them on a dream and never delivered.  

According to aggrieved customers, they handed over $90,000 for a small trailer. But it was never delivered. When they tried to get their money back, they said Ochoa had disappeared. 

Norma Estevez says she paid $60,000.

"I paid the money with interest because the money is not mine, I borrowed from my house," she laments.

"He already got people in Northern California, now he's in the Southside. He's moving to different places, he can be in Indio, he can be in Riverside, LA, he's just all over the place," said Alejandro Gonzalez, of San Bernardino.

On social media, Ochoa Juaregui flaunts his wealth, posting photos of his fancy cars, designer clothes, and exotic vacations. He even had musicians create a Mexican corrido about his successful business. Gonzalez, who knows he'll never see his money back, says, "I don't know how this guy can sleep, to be honest." 

FOX 11 contacted Ochoa Juaregui, but he has yet to return our call.