Making It In The Music Biz: Network and Feedback

Rapper Hakeem and R&B singer Jamal on the Fox series Empire get great guidance. Their TV parents are in the biz. What about up-and-coming artists? Where do they turn? We turned to some industry execs for advice.

Charis' Henry was a rapper turned assistant to NWA's Eazy-E. She says artists on the rise today need to be unique. "You need to be better than Beyonce." Not be Beyonce "like." You need feedback, advice, and the truth.

She says newbies to the biz need to attend seminars and panels in their cities. They need to rub shoulders with entertainment execs. She says you can't find her knowledge in a book.

Henry was the Senior Urban Director at ASCAP. The industry organization helps artists secure their royalties. Now, she's the CEO of her own company CiW2 Inc.

In this day and age artists can network with industry veterans on line. You can find Henry on Facebook at "I Discover Stars." Yes, she and her team look at all of your submissions.

We met Henry as she prepped to speak at a career panel. Her panel is part of producer Joe Solo's Music Success Retreat in Malibu. Solo also offers advice for free, on-line. He's guest speaker at music convention, NAMM.

Speaking of networking, Solo and Henry met fifteen years ago. He produced and developed singer Macy Gray. Now, when he needed a panelist for his retreat, he called on Henry. Proving once again, it is all who ya know.

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