Makeup mistake? Try these beauty tips and tricks by Stila's Creative Artistry Director

Glitter eye shadow, applying mascara and more: Makeup mistakes are sometimes unavoidable.

Stila Cosmetics' Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry Sarah Lucero shared some easy tips to fix common beauty blunders!

1. Little known red carpet selfie tip: Apply highlighter to cheek/decollete/shoulders. If you use highlighter on face, in pictures you'll look greasy if the sheen on your face doesn't match what's going on on those areas.

2. Love glitter eye shadow but hate the fallout on your face? Remove it with scotch tape.

3. Glitter Eye Shadow is the hottest trend but can make your eyes recede and look smaller. Creating a thicker, lusher lash line with a black liquid liner between the lashes can make your eyes pop.

4. Apply foundation before concealer. It gives a good base layer of cover so you have to apply less concealer, thereby making your concealer less noticeable.

5. If you get mascara on your face, your natural inclination may be to rub it off immediately, which smudges and makes it worse. Wait until it dries. Then it flakes off easily without smudge streaks.

6. You can curl your lashes with a spoon. With most traditional lash curlers they tend to curl straight up if you don't manipulate a lot. If you use a spoon you'll get a more fluid curl without having to work it too much.

More beauty hacks if need you need to get ready in a hurry:

1. Traditionally everyone knows that if you only have time to put on one product it should be mascara. However if you really want to look pulled together you should apply mascara, something on your lips and most importantly groom your brows.

2. Apply mascara first before liquid liner. It does half the work by creating a "tight line" at the base of the lashes - which means less liquid liner needed - quicker and easier!

3. Make your products do double duty
-Use Lip Balm to groom eye brows and keep them in place.
-Use cream blush as a lipstick
-Use Bronzer as an eye shadow for a monochromatic makeup look

4. Customize any foundation with a moisturizer - an SPF moisturizer will turn it into a sheer tint with SPF.

5. If you have dry hair - apply your hand cream and wipe them on your hair to smooth frizz or apply a Hair oil mist - apply on hair and the leftovers on your shoulders and decollete (e.g. IGK Speechless)

6. Smoky eye in 30 seconds - apply a thicker than usual line of crayon liner and smudge with your finger

7. Better to have nothing or nude nails then to have chipped nail polish. Put travel polish removers in your car.

8. Facial mists - more than just a nice smell. It brings you back to life, rejuvenates you and perks up your skin. Also works as a setting spray so whatever makeup you did apply lasts longer.

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