Lyft getting in on Season 2 of Glow on Netflix

From the Gorgeous ladies of Wresting to the Gorgeous ladies of Ridesharing! Season 2 of Glow is now streaming, LYFT IS getting in on all the Flashback fun with a limited Glow Mode built in to this the app.

Be at the right place on the Westside at the right time between 7pm and midnight, and you too can enjoy the journey...where you don't stop believing in all things 1980's.

I shared a ride and a conversation with Kyle Kraft, Creative Project Manager, for Lyft. He told me all about this limited mode and all that GLOW MODE has to offer! 80's costumes, props, and of course what ride is complete without music?! You can karaoke while you Carpool, because you can grab up to four friends to travel in style to your destination of the night.

Tonight Lyft will service the Westside, and Saturday night the limo heads to Las Vegas! So, who's feeling lucky?