Los Angeles Dodgers superfan shares massive memorabilia collection

The Los Angeles Dodgers are on track to make history with last night's win in the National League Division Series and one superfan in Inland Empire is hoping to add one more piece to his massive and historic memorabilia collection.

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On Wednesday morning, FOX 11's Bob DeCastro was invited to see what is arguably the largest Dodgers memorabilia collection in the world.

Allen, who didn’t want to tell us his last name, grew up in a Brooklyn home right across the street from Ebbets Field. His collection started with baseball cards from Cracker Jack boxes and bumble gum prizes in the 1940s.  

He now has nearly 250,000 pieces in his Inland Empire home, including several World Series trophies and rings, hundreds of pennants and thousands of baseball cards.  

Some of his other prized pieces include an original Jackie Robinson gumball machine with the original gumballs and original score cards from 1945 - 1946.

Allen, 72, says he hopes to share this collection with all Dodger fans.

Allen’s dream is to have the memorabilia showcased in a Dodger museum at Dodger Stadium.  He has already drawn up the plans and a proposal for the museum.

Allen has been a steward of these priceless items for a long time, which he says is "bigger than me."