LAFD sends Urban Search and Rescue Team to Ridgecrest

Firefighters and equipment from the Los Angeles city and country fire departments are in the Ridgecrest area assisting with cleanup and recovery efforts following back-to-back earthquake, officials said.

The Los Angeles Fire Department has deployed a heavily equipped Los Angeles Fire Department Urban Search and Rescue Team to Ridgecrest, authorities said Saturday.

The eight specially trained and equipped LAFD responders will work with other agencies in a multi-disciplinary approach to all hazards, the department's Brian Humphrey said.

"These veteran LAFD responders are proud emissaries of the people of Los Angeles, and eager to leverage considerable skill in helping the people of Kern County," Humphrey said.

The team will fulfill a key role in assessing damage to homes and businesses and support any emergency or rescue operations that may arise, Humphrey said.

Los Angeles County Fire Department's Urban Search and Rescue Team 136 and Hazardous Materials Team 811, plus 12 highly trained firefighters were deployed to Ridgecrest Friday night, according to Inspector Brian Stevens.

CNS contributed to this report.