'Oh my God!': Video shows out-of-control truck obliterate gas pumps

Dramatic dashcam video shows an out-of-control truck crash through a gas station in New Mexico, sparking a blaze and sending the overhanging canopy smashing to the ground.

The scene unfolded Sunday evening at a Speedway along Route 170 in rural La Plata, New Mexico. Video captured by TikTok user @Extrezionx shows a speeding blue pickup truck veer off the road and slam into the gas station pumps just feet in front of his dashcam.

The pump immediately bursts into flames and, seconds later, the canopy crashes down as dust and smoke fill the air.

Extrezionx, who was in the middle of a road trip from Seattle to Mississippi, steered clear of the smoldering wreckage and helped the driver of the pickup truck. He told Storyful that the woman behind the wheel had only suffered minor injuries.

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@Extrezionx via Storyful

"I gave a statement to the local sheriff, and they needed footage for documentation," he offered.

Investigators believe the woman experienced a seizure before the crash, he added.