Los Angeles Dodgers foundation holds grab-and-go food giveaway

While the rest of the country is thinking about getting in lines to vote, there are people in Nickerson Gardens thinking more about where their next meal will come from. Thanks to the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, these families are very happy to be waiting in line to get some free food.

COVID-19 has dealt some tough blows to communities of color with more positive cases and job loss since the start of the pandemic. Case in point is Stephanie Sandoval, who lives in Nickerson Gardens.

She says, “I haven’t been working ever since, so whatever opportunity there is to get some help around the house, we want to take advantage of it.”

For many families, suffering from “food insecurity” is a tough thing. Just ask Roger Villareal, who also lives in the neighborhood.

He says, “This helps me at least 60% to get food on the table right now because sometimes my check goes to bills, off to the rent and then there’s nothing for my kids. This is going to help me feed my three kids right now”

The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation planned on helping some 300 families - which could be as many as 1200 people - depending on the size of those families.

Nichol Whiteman is the CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation. She tells FOX 11, “The pandemics has exasperated the crisis that existed in communities even before the pandemic hit. Families were in need and right now they’re suffering even more. There are people clearly just thinking about where their next meal is coming from.”

That’s why this project meant so much to so many in this community!