LA City Council scandal: Acting president frustrated over refusal of de Leon, Cedillo to step down

Acting Los Angeles City Council President Mitch O'Farrell says he is frustrated at the refusal of Councilmen Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León to step down from their seats following racially charged remarks they made in an October 2021 meeting. 

Since the release of the leaked audio tapes, Nury Martinez has stepped down from her position as council president and has resigned from the city council.  

Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera, who also took part in the recorded conversation, resigned from his post Monday night.

Now, there are growing demands for de Leon and Cedillo to step down as well. 

"What our jobs are is to put our personal feelings and our personal ambitions and our egos to the side as elected officials and do what's best for the city," O'Farrell said during a press conference Thursday. 

O'Farrell said he had a lengthy conversation with Cedillo Wednesday who is "taking things into consideration"; however, O'Farrell hasn't been able to reach de León. 


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O'Farrell said he will be canceling Friday's council meeting, in hopes council members will use the time to walk around their communities and meet with their constituents.

"We know that the upset and the unrest that's out there requires that we just keep listening to people."

Community members, council members and even President Biden have all called on de Leon and Cedillo to resign from the council. Large protests have erupted at City Hall all this week, with community members upset and angered over the racist remarks made on the tape.