VIDEO: Killer whales spotted off coast of Southern California

Killer whale sightings are becoming more common along the coast of Southern California

According to Newport Landing & Davey's Locker Whale Watching, Eastern Tropical Pacific Killer Whales were spotted Christmas weekend in Orange County

The whales were first seen Dec. 11 and 12 off of Palos Verdes, Dec. 15 the same orcas were spotted in Oxnard and yet again Dec. 18 and 19 in San Diego.

Experts say Eastern Tropical Pacific Killer Whales are normally found in the waters off of Mexico and are not seen this far north, let alone seen this many times in a matter of weeks.  

"They are mammal eating Killer whales, which have been feasting on dolphins when they’ve been seen in the area. Something incredibly rare to see on the water, yet each time they’ve been encountered, these whales have been comfortable feeding right in front of the boat," Newport Landing said in a statement.

They say the likelihood of seeing killer whales again is high this time of year.