Julio Urías placed on leave after felony domestic violence arrest

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Julio Urías has been placed on administrative leave days after he was arrested for felony domestic violence allegations.

Urías was placed on leave by MLB as the former World Series hero violated the player union's domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy.

The news of Urías' leave comes as public records revealed the Dodger pitcher was arrested during Labor Day weekend. 

The Dodgers also announced it is canceling a Urías bobblehead night, which was initially scheduled for later in September in the wake of the arrest news. The team said it will replace the Urías bobbleheads with a different promotional giveaway item.

Are you or someone you know a recent survivor of domestic violence? Help is available. Los Angeles County has a hotline, which can be reached at 1-800-978-3600. A national hotline can be reached at 1-800-799-7233.

It is unknown when Urías' administrative leave will be lifted by the league and the player's union. 

The news of Urías' arrest marks the second time the lefty pitcher made headlines over an alleged domestic violence incident.

In 2019, Urías was involved in an incident at the Beverly Center mall where surveillance video showed a man appearing to look like Urías shoving a woman. Urías didn't face charges for the incident but was suspended for part of the 2019 season for violating the player union's domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy.


It is highly unlikely that Urías pitches another game in a Dodger uniform. He joins Trevor Bauer as Dodgers placed on leave over violating the DV policy. 

While Bauer did not face criminal charges for the multiple allegations centered around him, MLB suspended him for more than a season. Dodgers then cut ties with Bauer shortly after his suspension expired. 

As for Urías, he was arrested in the Sept. 2023 domestic violence incident and the latest publicized incident marks Strike 2 for the lefty pitcher so his odds of the Dodgers bringing him back appears much less likely than Bauer's.