Instagram account aims to spread positive news

With so many headlines of crime, devastation, and frankly bad news, we are need of something good. A Spanish-language journalist started the "Good News Movement" and it has been a source of inspiration and joy for millions of people around the world.

It'll make you laugh and cry. You'll smile through the tears because it's all good!

The good news movement that is!

The Instagram page has 1.6 million followers who crave the positive stories that don't always make headlines.

So, journalist Michelle Figueroa, started the account a year and a half ago to report the stories that brought her joy.

"Sometimes there's a beautiful story happening and I get the chance to amplify that story to the world," said Figueroa.

The account first made headlines with the help of Tom Brady.

He saw a report about a California man who lost everything during the devastating Camp Fire.

In the fire, he saved only one thing: his Tom Brady jersey.

The "Good News Movement" helped Brady find an address to send the man a signed football.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry also elevated the account when they were featured. 

However, it was the pandemic that truly catapulted the page.

"During the pandemic, my account tripled. So, since March to now, it's tripled in the amount of followers," she explained. 

Her account reminds us that despite the darkness there is always light, there is always laughter and there is always good!