In Depth: Cancer Survivor Month

Amanda Salas hosts.

In segment one, Amanda shares her cancer battle and triumph. She is joined by City of Hope Hemotologist/ Oncologist Dr. Joseph Alvarnas.  He discusses the breakthrough and innovations that have been gamechangers in the treatment of cancer, including gene and immune therapy.

He also talks about the most rewarding part of his job, which he says is being there to support his patients, and being part of their story.

Joining Amanda for segment two are cancer survivor Tesha Ofelira and Milton Liu, as well as mother and caregiver Vanessa Henriques. Tesha and Milton discuss their recovery from cancer, their treatment at the City of Hope, and their message for other cancer sufferers.

Henriquez discusses the pain she felt as a mother when her son was undergoing cancer treatment. She talks about the worst part and most rewarding part of that  journey.

In segment three, Amanda discusses the role of the blood donor in the recovery of cancer patients. She visits the City of Hope Blood Donor Center and speaks to the Donor Recruitment manager, along with several donors about the importance of their gift of life. Those who wish to donate can schedule at

For the final segment, Amanda is joined by a young filmmaker who is exploring her cancer battle through a short film. Heather Andelsman is a two-time cancer survivor.  She is also the writer and director of "Great White Lies." It’s a fictionalized account of how she dealt with her struggles with cancer and the aftermath during college.

Andelsman adds that even when the cancer battle is over, it’s not actually over, but the readjustment continues. She says that "Great White Lies"  has been selected for the L.A. Shorts International Film Festival in July.

She also discusses "Gift of Life," a marrow and stem cell registry, which is trying to increase the diversity in their samples.  

For more information on the film or Gift of Life you can visit the website