Home Depot employees build walker for boy with hypotonia

Two-year-old Logan Moore needs a walker to get around. He has low muscle tone, known as hypotonia. The condition affects motor skills like walking.

Logan's parents Christian and Justin Moore didn't know if their insurance would cover their son's walker, so they found a DIY solution online.

The Moores went to their local Home Depot in Cedartown, Georgia to find some parts to make it themselves.

But when they told Home Depot employees why they were there, they got a lot more than some PVC pipe.

Jeffrey Anderson, an employee at the store, wrote about the moment on Facebook.

He said he, his store manager and other employees looked over the Moores' plans and told the family to go get ice cream while the team put the walker together.

He wrote that when the family came back to the store, the walker was assembled.

"Everyone was crying to see Logan walk around with the biggest smile on his face," Anderson wrote.

But the walker wasn't just completed, it was free.

"When the family tried to pay us we said no way this one is on us."

While Logan did go home with this walker made from love, Jeffrey says that he will be getting a real walker after all.