Holocaust Museum LA faces threats after inviting Kanye West for private tour

The Holocaust Museum of Los Angeles said it has been inundated with messages "filled with hate, threats, and vitriol" after inviting Kanye West for a private tour, which he declined. 

"Words matter and words have consequences Ye. We urge you to come visit us at Holocaust Museum L.A. to understand just how words can incite horrific violence and genocide," said the museum.

The museum shared its location at 100 The Grove Drive in Los Angeles, and welcomed the artist to pay a visit "any time."

During an episode of the "Drink Champs" podcast on Oct. 15, West publicly rejected the officer, calling Planned Parenthood "our [Black people’s] Holocaust museum."

Since extending the offer to West, the Holocaust Museum said in a series of tweets that it’s "received a tremendous amount of social media messages and comments... some filled with hate, threats and vitriol."

This comes after West's controversial antisemitic remarks about the Jewish community. West tweeted that he was going to go "death con 3" on Jewish people, in reference to the defense system used by the United States to signal military defense, and argued that he isn’t antisemitic because "Black people are actually Jew[s] also," leading his Twitter and Instagram accounts to be temporarily disabled.


But the rapper’s derogatory comments have also led others to disseminate antisemitic remarks.

The Los Angeles and Beverly Hills police departments said they were investigating antisemitic fliers that were distributed in Beverly Hills. It’s believed the flyers and antisemitic banner on the 405 freeway are linked to the same hate group.

The flyers were left in an area north of Sunset Boulevard and west of Benedict Canyon Drive, according to Sgt. Scott Dibble of the Beverly Hills Police Department.

"L.A. is a city of belonging, not hate,"Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti wrote in a tweet condemning "this weekend’s antisemitic incidents."

"Anti semitic flyers thrown on our streets again, Banners on the 405 Freeway, Banners covering up Billboards, Kayne West, Vans driving with antisemitism and racist plastered slogans, Schools having Jew free zones. ENOUGH HATE meant 2 silence us. I will speak LOUDER #Antisemitism," Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse tweeted Sunday. Bosse is the daughter of Holocaust survivors.

"The poison of hate has no place anywhere, and the rise in anti-Semitism in so many places, including Los Angeles, is deeply disturbing. It's hard to fathom the malevolence required to put such vile words and gestures on public display, as well as the bigoted mindset required to think this way in the first place," said Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell. "These acts are part of an alarming trend of abhorrent verbal and literal attacks against Jews here and everywhere. History has shown that ignorance, bigotry and hatred begets violence. Those of us who believe in and celebrate our pluralism and diversity must speak loudly against this. We absolutely cannot be silent."

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. said he was also "horrified by the vile antisemitism on display in L.A. this weekend."

Last week, West's team was seen handing out the artist's controversial "White Lives Matter" T-shirts on Los Angeles' Skid Row. In the video, someone is heard shouting "Courtesy of Kanye West," as the shirts are handed out. The shirts have pictures of former Pope John Paul II with the words "siguiremos tu ejemplo," Spanish for "we will follow your example," and "Juan Pablo II" on the front. The "White lives matter" slogan appears on the back. 

As the rapper faced mounting backlash over his comments, it was announced last week that Ye had agreed to acquire the conservative-oriented social media app Parler.

More companies have continued to cut ties with West, including his talent agency CAA, Balenciaga, Gap, JPMorganChase, and most recently Adidas. An already finished documentary about West produced by production company MRC was shelved. 

West has since lost his "billionaire status" as more companies cut ties with the rapper over his antisemitic remarks.