Kanye West's team hands out 'White Lives Matter' shirts on LA's Skid Row

Associates of Kanye West — who now goes by simply "Ye" — are stirring controversy online after apparently handing out the artist's controversial "White Lives Matter" T-shirts on Los Angeles' Skid Row

In the video, someone is heard shouting "Courtesy of Kanye West," as the shirts are handed out. The shirts have pictures of former Pope John Paul II with the words "siguiremos tu ejemplo," Spanish for "we will follow your example," and "Juan Pablo II" on the front. The "White lives matter" slogan appears on the back. 

The controversial shirts debuted at a Paris fashion show earlier this month. Kanye later said he thought the shirts' message was "funny and obvious." The "white lives matter" slogan has been decried by anti-hate groups. 

Photo via @souljaian

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The Skid Row handout comes just a week after the artist was suspended from Twitter for an antisemitic message saying he wanted to "death con 3 on Jewish people." 

"Kanye. We stood with your father and your father's father to help fight oppression. What did we do to you," asked Rabbi Chaim Mentz from Chabad of Bel Air. "I want you to walk with me. Walk with me for 48 hours. I'll introduce you to Jews… And then you go and tell me. Are the Jewish people that bad?"

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FOX 11 has reached out to the director of the Union Rescue Mission, which works with people on Skid Row, but has not heard back.