Hero construction worker in ICU after saving client's son from burning Cerritos home

When a house in Cerritos went up in flames on Saturday evening, construction worker Abel Herrera sprang into action. 

"Abel got to my son so quickly that my son didn't even realize there was a fire going on and he was able to come outside and be safe," said Jeniffer Kang, homeowner and the boy’s mother.

Kang, who wasn’t home when the fire broke out, says Abel tried to put out the blaze that originated in the attic. 

But the fire spread so quickly, Able was suddenly stuck in the middle of an inferno. 

Now, he’s in the intensive care unit at Torrance Memorial Medical Center with burns over 60% of his body.

"Our hearts are just broken, our hearts just go out to him," Kang said. 

Herrera’s son Jorge says doctors have told him his father will need multiple surgeries and there is still a 50% chance he may not survive. 

"It was just surreal, I couldn't believe it, you know, I couldn't recognize him," Jorge said of his dad. 

Kang, who calls Herrera a hero, has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the mounting medical expenses. 

She’s trying to raise $200,000.

"We’re just really wanting to rally around Abel. He's always given to everyone and we want to give back to him. We want to show him how loved he is and how many lives he's touched," Kang said.

If you would like to help Abel Herrera, here is the link to the GoFundMe page