Hemet father jumps into action to save toddler who jumped into pool

A sobering reminder for parents ahead of summer…Ring camera captured a near drowning of a toddler at his Hemet home. 

The 1-year-old boy's father, who is also a Hemet firefighter, jumped into action and saved his son after he walked into the pool. 

Video, shared by the fire department, shows the boy walking around the pool while a woman swims. It appears the boy takes off his floating device then proceeds to walk towards the pool. The boy then crouches down, sits on the pavement then jumps into the pool.  

In about five seconds, the father runs to the pool and lifts the boy out. 

"This video is a sobering reminder that a child drowning can happen to anyone at anytime in a matter of seconds. Even though both parents took all the proper precautions including a gate around the pool and an appropriate PFD, the boy still managed to get in the water," read an Instagram post by the Hemet City firefighters Association.

They say the dad only had his back turned for a few seconds.