Grandma’s teeth, pet ashes: Uber releases 2022 lost and found index

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There are those Uber drivers who have seen some things, and there are those who have seen it all when it comes to passengers mistakenly leaving items behind after a ride. 

The company recently released its 2022 "Lost & Found Index," detailing the most forgotten items, the most forgetful city and the most unique lost items. 

Topping the list of most forgotten items were phones and wallets. Other items included keys, backpacks and IDs. 

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As for the most forgetful cities, Austin, Texas topped the list. Other cities that made the roll were Charlotte, North Carolina; Kansas City, Kansas; and Phoenix.

When it came to the most unusual items left behind after a ride, here’s some of what Uber drivers came across — as in their own words or the words of the rider: 

  1. Some tater tots
  2. My fingernail is on the seat
  3. 500 grams of caviar
  4. My grandma’s teeth
  5. A grass cutter and tree trimmer
  6. Supreme underwear
  7. Pizza costume
  8. 6 pool drains and an Employee of the Month plaque
  9. Breathalyzer
  10. I lost 40 chicken nuggets
  11. Bernie Sanders fannie pack
  12. A piece of my broom
  13. Antique walking cane with a sword
  14. 17 flowers and 3 milk teas
  15. Urn with pet ashes + urn of family member
  16. Tube for chugging drinks. Very expensive.
  17. Two pair of snorkeling goggles and a passport from China
  18. A power washing machine and a wooden carved fish
  19. Dream catcher and a deck of tarot cards
  20. Diamond grill
  21. Loose pear-shaped diamond. $1000 reward if found!
  22. Ball gag and stethoscope
  23. A windmill

Uber also released some trends along with its lost and found index. 

More than 50 jerseys from the Rangers, Warriors, Giants, Eagles, LA Dodgers and more were all left behind by fans, according to the company. 

Around 5 p.m. also appears to be the most forgetful time of the day.

The company says if a passenger loses any items, call the driver. However, if a passenger loses a phone, the company said a person can log onto the website. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.