Grand Princess cruise ship docks in Los Angeles, community groups hold action in support of workers

The Grand Princess Cruise Ship docked in Oakland, CA on March 9, 2020, after confirmation of a COVID-19 outbreak. The ship is now on its way to Los Angeles and is scheduled to dock on Saturday, April 11.

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More than 500 Filipino seafarers and thousands of passengers were exposed to COVID-19, with 17% of all the tested passengers confirmed to have coronavirus. A Filipino crew member died of coronavirus on April 2 in a San Francisco hospital after being transferred off the ship in March, the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns Southern California said., FOX launches national hub for COVID-19 

Despite the health risks, over 600 workers (including 78 Filipino workers) were made to remain on board the ship after disembarking passengers and only some crew members.  Since then, the 445 Filipino repatriated workers and the workers who remain on the Grand Princess Cruise Ship have not had their demands met by the company nor the Philippine government, including testing, treatment, and transparency from the company and Philippine government.

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