Grad Standout: Whittier teen aspires to become a social worker following years of volunteering

California High School senior Rosemary Perea has a heart of gold and aspires to become a social worker after years of volunteering at her church and changing the lives of many children for the better.

"Throughout these four years, I was able to experience and achieve a lot. But the thing I hold dearest to my heart is to work at a church called Victory Outreach and volunteer in the nursery.  I was able to work with kids from all different types of backgrounds and all different types of needs," she said.

She decided she wanted to pursue a career in social work after her experience serving the youth at her church in Whittier. 

"I decided to invest in my future career and take college courses early in high school so that way I could finish faster," Perea explained. 

Some of the people closest to her describe her as humble, passionate, hard-working.  The people who know her best – her parents – couldn’t be more proud.

"I’m happy to announce that I will be one of the first ones in my family to go to college," she said. 

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