Gordon Ramsay and Fox launching new food and entertainment platform 'Bite'

Gordon Ramsay at the 2023 FOX Winter Junket held at FOX Studios on December 13, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

Fox Entertainment and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay are expanding their partnership with the launch of "Bite," a new digital food and entertainment brand. 

This venture extends Ramsay’s ongoing deal with Fox and their collaborative effort, Studio Ramsay Global. 

Aiming to capture a larger digital advertising market share, Bite will serve as a comprehensive platform for original digital content, live events, consumer products, and other culinary-focused offerings.

The content on the Bite Digital Network will feature innovative programming, including a digital spinoff of Ramsay's popular show "Next Level Chef," titled "Next Level Kitchen," a culinary competition series "Idiot Sandwich," and Bite Digital

Originals segment that will showcase emerging culinary talent. This initiative marks a significant expansion of Ramsay’s and Fox’s digital and culinary entertainment footprint.

"Bite is an innovative fusion of my nearly 20-year collaboration with Fox, blending all the experiences, excitement, competition and personality we’ve created together under this original, singular food and lifestyle venture," said Ramsay in a statement. "This new brand will cater to every flavor of food fan with an enticing array of original series, compelling food stories and endless digital content that audiences everywhere will eat up!" 

The launch of Bite includes adding a comprehensive library of Ramsay’s recipes, making them more accessible to fans than ever before. 

This platform also represents a strategic move into digital advertising for Fox, offering advertisers "unrivaled access to a diverse community of food entertainment fans and creators." 

As part of this initiative, HexClad, known for its high-end cookware and already associated with Ramsay as a spokesperson, has signed on as Bite's inaugural brand partner. 

Ramsay's longstanding relationship with Fox, where he has hosted popular shows like "Hell’s Kitchen," "Kitchen Nightmares," "MasterChef," and "Next Level Chef," was further solidified with a significant deal in 2021. This agreement led to the creation of Studio Ramsay Global, underpinning this new venture.