Giving Tuesday kicks off in Southern California

What is Giving Tuesday?

When you ask Lt. Colonel John Chamness with the Salvation Army, he’ll tell you, "For me and others, it’s a chance to give back into the community."

He’s right and many are tuned into the concept because social media makes a big deal of it every year.

Organizations from the American Cancer Society to the Alzheimer’s Association are asking for your help.

Many of you are picking up the call with your own fundraisers.

To the Salvation Army, going digital and technical has been important the last couple of years. 

Says Chamness, "We invested a lot in digital both online and the ability for people who don’t take cash anymore and you can take your credit card, iPhone or whatever device you have and tap."

Let’s look at the Red Cross. The nonprofit has been helping people in need from fires to floods. Giving Tuesday is important to them. 

Marium Mohhiuddin, of the Red Cross, says, "The number of people that have been affected is greater now. Ten years ago, we dealt with three big disasters a year and now we deal with more than 20 a year."

COVID-19 was what drove many to the LA Regional Food Bank. Michael Flood is the Food Bank’s CEO. To him, it’s not yet clear how people are spending their money this holiday season but he’s hopeful this will be a good year. 

Says Flood, "I think people understand over this last 20 to 21 months how many people have struggled to make ends meet and keep a roof over their heads. So I think that message really resonates with a lot of people"

And finally, let’s not forget our four-legged furry little friends. Many of you have personal fundraisers to help them and the LA County Animal Care Foundation does too to make sure they have enough money to help our dogs, cats and other critters. 

Animal Control Officer Elizabeth Diaz tells FOX 11, "Just like you’d make sure your animals are taken care of or somebody close to you is taken care of we want to ensure that people know that animals are as well."