Georgia nurses bring Backstreet Boys concert to patient battling leukemia

A cancer patient unable to make it to her childhood's boy band concert was in for a special surprise when her nurses brought the show to her.

Amanda Lynne Coley, 36, is married to a wonderful husband and is a mother of four beautiful kids ages 5, 14, 15, and 18 years old.

She and her sister, Maggie Mayes Kingston, have been fans of the Backstreet Boys since their teens. The band was Amanda’s first concert at the age of 14 and her favorite jam is “I want it that way.”

The sisters wanted to relive those fond memories and have been waiting since Christmas to attend the ‘DNA World Tour’ in Atlanta. Sadly, about three week ago, Amanda was diagnosed with leukemia and could not attend the concert.

But Maggie, who frequents Northside Cancer Center where she is receiving treatment, had other plans in mind. She and the hospital staff teamed up to throw a surprise concert party for Amanda.

“We had invitations made and I spoke with her nurse about passing the invitations out to the other nurses on the floor.” Maggie told FOX 5, “She was excited and said yes!”

On the day of the concert, Maggie walked into Amanda’s room playing Backstreet Boys from a speaker. The nurses followed and sang their hearts out—they even danced for her! 

Maggie posted heartwarming footage on Facebook and wrote: 

“When you get Backstreet Boy’s tickets for Christmas and some unfortunate situations happen... bring a surprise BSB concert to your sick sister! Thank you for the shirts Celena Townsend and for the invitations Mason Mayes! The nurses here are awesome if you can’t tell! Help these nurses go viral!” 

She told FOX 5 everyone cried because it was extremely emotional and everyone was overcome with joy.

“The nurses here are fantastic and would go above and beyond to put a smile on the patients face,” Maggie said.