‘General Hospital’ cast remembers Johnny Wactor, actor shot dead by catalytic converter thieves

Loved ones, including fellow actors, were in mourning following the sudden and tragic death of Johnny Wactor. 

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Wactor, who appeared in hundreds of episodes of the popular soap opera "General Hospital," was murdered early Saturday morning after working all night at the Level 8 restaurant and bar in the South Park neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. 

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Wactor had parked on South Hope Street and Pico Boulevard, near his workplace. When his shift ended, he walked to his car, where he interrupted three thieves attempting to steal the catalytic converter. At some point, investigators said one of the masked assailants shot Wactor. He was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"General Hospital" star Donnell Turner, said when he got the terrible news on his phone, he had to literally sit down. 

Actor Donnell Turner. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic) (Getty Images)

"I had to take a seat and reflect. I had seen Johnny not long ago… a year ago, but it seems like yesterday. We met with ‘General Hospital’ fans. It was just Johnny and me. We had a real nice time together. We are kindred spirits. Johnny is likable. In fact, he is lovable," Turner recalled.

"General Hospital" co-star Bradford Anderson shared similar glowing words of praise. 

"Johnny was so full of life. So full of love. He had a lust for life. He pushed himself. He had a love of life. He loved people. He loved working in bars. " 

The two men spoke last when Wactor appeared on Anderson’s podcast. Anderson said Wactor was "always really eager to learn and connect" and that "he was a beautiful person. "

Linda Rohe, a talent manager, said she helped Johnny with personal appearances connected to "General Hospital." She described him as a "fan-favorite  and a gentleman" who was "incredibly kind to fans and people around him."

Authorities said the early stages of the investigation indicate the actor thought his car was being towed and that he didn’t realize a theft was in progress.

The investigation continues and the suspects remain at large.