Fun activities to do with the kids this summer

With many parents keeping their kids home this summer, we have put together the ultimate summer day from start to finish. They'll learn, play, and relax. Hopefully helping you to relax, too.

Time to wake up and start the day by thinking, and your child can make some money while they're at it.  Just buy them Create On's lemonade stand.

Maybe your children are into mechanical engineering. E-Blox is perfect for them. You learn how to build electronics like radios and fans.

If you want to build but electronics isn't your thing, check out Plus Plus. These are building kits for virtually all ages whatever you're interested in whether that's jewelry or cars there is a kit for you.

Now that your brain is warmed up, let’s get your body moving. First up is 2-in-1 baseball and tennis. Practice both at the same time, or swing away using their golfing set

And finally, Mayaflyas are handmade disks - like a Frisbee - to throw around with family and friends.

At the end of the day, it’s time to wind down. First, grab your Haba Play Tent.
It's not your typical adult camper. These tents are shaped like castles and even a tractor. After getting all cozy in your tent, turn on your Cinemood. There are over 120 hours of pre-loaded content. Kids can also log on to Camp Bonkers, the new YouTube-based summer camp for kids of all ages.