4th Riverside home invasion in 5 weeks

Police are investigating yet another home invasion in Riverside.

The most recent one marks the fourth home invasion in just the last five weeks – the second in two days. 

In the latest incident – a woman was robbed at gunpoint in her home by two men in the early morning Tuesday. The latest incident happened just a few miles away from the other three. 

In the incident prior to that, an elderly man was shot in his own home by another group of armed robbers early Sunday morning. Before the elderly man was shot over the weekend and just a few blocks away, a family and their 11-year-old girl were ductaped by a group of suspects as their home was being ransacked.

"They had a gun to an 11-year-old's head last week and we’re all families here so obviously we’re all very concerned," said Daniel, a neighbor.

As of Wednesday night, police say it is not enough to connect them ass as related, but they have been operating with extra patrols ever since the first of the four incidents took place, where 10 armed men broke into a party and targeted the partygoers on April 10.

There have been four home invasion robberies that occurred in the Alessandro Heights and Sycamore Highlands neighborhoods over the past month. They are:⁣

  • April 10 – 7700 block of Kingdom Drive⁣
  • May 10 – 14100 block of Ashton Lane⁣
  • May 15 – 18400 block of Moss Road⁣
  • May 17 – 1500 block of Kyle Court⁣

So far no arrests have been made in the series of robberies.