Foul odor, sickness complaints continue with Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant

Angry residents sounded off at a community meeting in El Segundo Thursday night. 

This comes months after the massive sewage spill at the Hyperion Reclamation Plant. Residents say a foul odor still lingers and it's making them sick.

At the meeting, no one is disputing that the odor is present and it has lingered for about a year. In fact, the plant has been issued several violation notices over the odor.

Now, the question is, what exactly are we smelling?

"We want to know what you're exposing us to because we need to do what's best for our families," said one speaker at the meeting. "This is dangerous."


Representatives from the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant and LA Sanitation did not specify during Thursday night's meeting on what was causing the bad odor.

"The answers that we're getting. They're just scripted, talking head answers. It's frustrating," said Doug Martes, an El Segundo resident.