Dashcam video shows wild chase ending with SUV flipping over on Florida highway

Newly-released video from the Florida Highway Patrol shows a chase in South Florida that led to a stolen SUV overturning on the highway.

The incident occurred back in May, but troopers released the dashcam video this week. Five teens were accused of trying to steal a red Range Rover from a Fort Lauderdale home. However, it didn’t go as planned and they were unable to take the SUV, WSVN reports

Then, they found themselves involved in a police chase as they fled the neighborhood. Before they ended up on Interstate 95 in Hollywood, the vehicle the teens were traveling in struck a bicyclist.

"I knew what happened, and I dragged myself to the grass out of the middle of the street," Michael Evans told WSVN.

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Dashcam video from troopers showed how dangerous the chase was on the major highway. The teens’ getaway vehicle was traveling on the express lanes, barreling over the dividers and cutting into traffic. 

The video showed them moving back into the express lanes and repeating their previous maneuver of running over those orange poles diving the expressway from the rest of the traffic lines. This time, however, the driver lost control and flipped over.

"All I remember was, I was hit from the side, and then I felt I was spun around, and the next thing I knew, I was stopped," said Sharon Guleck, one of the drivers on I-95. Her vehicle was struck by the getaway car. 

WSVN reports other accidents occurred as a result of the chase.

All teens were taken to a hospital but are currently facing charges.