Fans line up at The Grove for Taylor Swift popup kiosk

What is it about Taylor Swift? 

Ask fans who lined up at The Grove to catch a glimpse of a kiosk to promote her new album "The Tortured Poets Department" and they'll tell you things like, "She's so dedicated to her fans," or "There's not a songwriter like her."

"I love her," said one fan.

Thousands who love Taylor Swift descended on The Grove as early as 5 a.m. Tuesday to spend precious minutes at a kiosk promoting Swift's new album.

Fan came from everywhere, including Molly Sindall, who told FOX 11 she flew in on a flight from New York.

Worth nothing this event does not feature live music or the pop superstar showing up. So why show up?

"Because I’m a huge Swiftie," Swindall said. "I couldn’t miss out on something like this."

Swindall explained what was featured on the shelves.

"There are Easter eggs, which is what Taylor calls them. She actually started hiding them in her debut album. She would have capital letters in a lyric and they would have a special word," Swindall explained.

One example of these Easter eggs are the capital letters written on a globe – which featured a pin over the state of Florida.

One of the songs on the new album is called, "Florida," featuring the band Florence and the Machine. A typewriter, words and hints on the spines of books, typewriters, candlesticks and other items – fans call them lyric reveals.

Taryn LaCroix is with Spotify. She says lyric reveals are very effective. They're sponsoring the event. This kiosk may look simple, but if you're a fan this is a treasure of information and cryptic hints.

"Her fan base latches onto everything. They're so excited by every single element she brings to the table with every new release," LaCroix said.

The Swifties are a dedicated fanbase. We found a Swiftie with Taylor-inspired tattoos. We met two women who decided to stand in line for their birthdays.

Many of her fans we spoke with say love the singer for the relatability of her Lyrics.

"I feel like one of my favorite lines of hers is, ‘Give me back my girlhood. It was mine first,’" said one fan.

The popup kiosk will remain open through April 18.