Engagement ring stolen night before proposal

A man in Groveland, Florida was ready to pop the question, but crooks stole the engagement ring, before he could.

Justin Robinson planned to propose to his girlfriend, Amanda Bacon, on Valentine's Day, but it never happened.

"That was pretty depressing," he said.

No, he didn't get cold feet, and she didn't say no. The ring was taken out of his car the night before Valentine's Day.

"I come out the next morning to go somewhere, and I look down, and my wallet wasn't there. I had a feeling right then that something wasn't right," said Robinson.

Once he realized his wallet was missing, then he came back in the car and checked the center console for the ring.

"Surely, it was gone. Then, I realized what had happened -- that somebody had been in there and took everything," said Robinson.

The wallets were gone, an iPad was gone, but most importantly, the ring was gone. A lot was running through Robinson's mind.

"I couldn't even tell you. A million things. One thing is I was going to tell her about it."

"A whole bunch of things. Yeah I was very devastated that everything was basically ruined for the day," said Bacon.

The couple left their stuff in their unlocked cars all the time.

"Haven't had to worry about stuff like this too much, so it didn't really bother me," said Robinson,

Now, they're locking up and looking out for the ring, because while his sense of security has changed, his love for his girlfriend hasn't wavered.

"I've seen people talking about cold feet, but nothing's changed," he said.

If he doesn't get it back, he said he'll be buying another one soon.

If you know who may have done this or if you've seen this ring, call the Lake County Sheriff's Office.