Eiza González defends Jennifer Lopez amid criticism over canceled tour

Eiza González has got Jennifer Lopez's back. 

González spoke out amid the "bullying" and criticism over J.Lo canceling her upcoming tour. 

On her Instagram Story. González called the treatment of Lopez "disturbing and heartbreaking."

"How can you complain about someone being mean while enjoying mean about them," González said.

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González added that "the world is a complicated place" and "we have no clue what people are experiencing."

"People are humans, make mistakes and some have personal things happening while also having to be constantly perfect in the public eye. The best thing we could be doing now is to be kind," the actress wrote.

González's comments come after Lopez announced the cancelation of her summer North American tour just weeks before it was scheduled to start. 

Lopez said she canceled the tour to spend more time with her "children, family, and close friends." 

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She and husband Ben Affleck have been experiencing marital troubles in recent months and are living in separate homes, according to sources.

Affleck and Lopez have rarely been seen together in recent months, at one point going 47 days without being spotted, which has led to speculation the two are separating.

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