'Edible Arrangements' a Valentine's Day no-show for hundreds of customers

It's been five days since Valentine's Day and hundreds of people are still waiting for their 'Edible Arrangement' orders. Customers all over the country say they have not received their orders or refund.

He swears he didn't forget Valentine's Day. He says what he ordered his girlfriend just never showed up.

"I thought I was going to score points!" Explained Joe Durnez. "Instead, I went from here down to here real fast," he said while dropping his hands.

Durnez said it's the first Valentine's Day with his girlfriend, and he wanted to do something nice, so he went online to Edible Arrangements and paid $90 for an order. Then he sat back waiting for them to be delivered to his girlfriend's work.

"Thought I was good to go," he said. "Keep checking my texts, nothing comes, by 2 p.m. I'm nervous," said Durnez.

Rightfully so, he says they never came, and neither did an explanation.

"They're literally taking money, not answering, not returning calls, nothing," Durnez said.

He logged onto the company's Facebook page to complain and he soon realized he was joined by hundreds of others on social media who never got the delivery. After five days, he said he finally got a hold of a manager at a franchise he ordered from.

"She tells me, 'Oh, sorry. We are really understaffed, haven't gotten to everybody," said Durnez.

A spokesperson from Edible Arrangements headquarters in Atlanta wrote:

"Valentine's Day was an extremely buys day for our stores and regrettably, some arrangements were not delivered. We first recommend that customers contact the store from which they ordered to discuss the matter. If they are unable to reach the store, they can certainly call our Customer Care line for resolution support."

"Any consumer who makes a purchase that isn't delivered as promised can got to the credit card, despute the charge and almost allways get their money back," said Carmen Balber, Executive Director for Consumer Watch Dog.

She said people who paid with cash are left with the daunting task of now providing receipts and pressing for refunds.