Double tragedy: East Bay business owner dies in car crash; fire destroys family home

There is sadness and anger from the family of a popular business owner in Antioch.

The family of John Khan has suffered a double loss. He was killed a car crash by someone they describe as reckless driver just weeks after a fire destroyed their family home.

 "I was his sidekick. He was my everything," Vanessa Khan said of her husband, who was also her business partner at Antioch Action Auto.

She described him as a self-made man who worked hard to support his family until his sudden death.

 "The way he passed was senseless," Khan said. "I want everyone to know it wasn't his fault."  

On Sept. 10 at 1:40 p.m., Vanessa Khan said her husband had picked up a black Chevy Tahoe for repair. He  was driving it along Highway 4 near the Hillcrest exit on the way back to the shop.

The California Highway Patrol said it appears the driver of the white Infiniti drove between a semi-truck and the Tahoe.

It collided into the side of the Tahoe.

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This caused John Khan to lose control and he crashed into the guard rail. The 55-year-old died at the scene.

 "Somebody was rushing on the freeway. I don't know where they had to get to. What their emergency was. It was negligence," said Vanessa Khan.  

 The CHP said John Khan was not at fault and that investigators will likely recommend to the district attorney that the driver of the white Infiniti face charges.

It appears no drugs or alcohol were involved.

The CHP said this is the 13th deadly crash along Highway 4 so far this year.

Speed appears to be a factor in this case. Investigators said it is often the cause of crashes on Highway 4.

Family members said John Khan helped many people.

 "It really hurts. It really hurts," said Artuer Wilson, who added that John Kahn was like a father to him. "He took me in, gave me a car, taught me how to start my business." 

 But the man who gave to others had his home in Discovery Bay destroyed by a fire less than a month before he was killed in the crash.

 Now, his wife said she's determined that the  driver responsible be held accountable and serve time behind bars. 

 "My husband did not die in vain. His life was taken," said Vanessa Khan.

 The CHP says typically deadly crash investigations take about 30 days to complete, but it can take longer depending on the complexity of the case.

John Khan leaves behind five children.

His wife said she's determined to keep the auto repair shop open with the help of family and friends.

She plans to rebuild their home.

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