Dog found hogtied in trash bag in Gila River rescued, recovering from surgery

A dog was found hogtied and stuffed inside a garbage bag off the side of the road on the Gila River Indian Reservation early Tuesday morning - today, we heard from the Valley family that took her in.

Gila River police are investigating the animal abuse case.

For nearly a decade, Courtney Anderson and her husband have rescued hundreds of dogs for AZK9 Rescue, and when she saw a photo of the dog with her paws tied together, she didn't hesitate to act.

"The obvious concern was there was an extremely large mass on her stomach. It was about 7x7 inches across her entire stomach," said Anderson.

The mass weighed two pounds and needed to be surgically removed two days later, according to Anderson. The dog, Lotus, is underweight with a broken elbow and heartworm disease.

Lotus's name is a symbol for what is to come.

"It's referred to as a flower that comes from the dirt and purity and new beginnings so we thought, what better name than that for her?" Anderson said.

The owner hopes someone sees this and knows who is responsible for the pain Lotus has to endure. In time, the dog will heal and show how much love she can give.

"She's very sweet. Her eyes are soulful, so you know that there's a special dog behind her situation and her medical needs," Anderson said. "I know one day we'll find her a family and she'll be their soul dog."

You can help out Lotus by visiting AZK9 Rescue.