Doctor punched by homeless man outside a Pasadena hospital

A doctor was attacked in broad daylight in front of a Pasadena hospital.

The unprovoked attack happened on May 26 a little before noon in the 600 block of South Fair Oaks Avenue. In the video obtained by FOX 11, you can see Dr. Ana Grace waiting to cross the street when suddenly a man approaches her and makes a threatening move.

The attack left Grace with a broke nose in addition to other injuries after falling to the ground.

"My entire body went down like a watermelon," Grace said. "I remember my head crashing into the cement and then realizing that I would not be able to defend myself."

The LA County-based doctor said the incident left her concerned about the safety in the area. 

"The violent crimes are becoming rampant in Los Angeles. My concern is that people are not safe here anymore. I think that the justice system is allowing violent criminals out who are committing assaults that are very harmful to people, and then those people are not jailed or put in prison until either there is a death," Grace said.

The suspect, later identified by the Pasadena Police Department as 23-year-old Justus Trivion, screamed obscenities prior to the attack. Trivion was later arrested by police.