'Deep Hole' is where the gators gather at Myakka River State Park

Alligators are gathered near a sinkhole at lower Myakka Lake in Sarasota in a scene that has never been more Florida.

The alligators are near what's called the 'Deep Hole' sinkhole, which is a 200-foot-wide, 130- to 140-foot-deep pool that has become a known gathering place for alligators.

Dozens of alligators and a few vultures lined the banks and dozens more were in the water as SkyFOX flew over it Tuesday. Some observers have reported seeing hundreds of gators lining the banks of the sinkhole, though no reason has been offered yet about why they gather there.

This has become one of the best gator-watching spots in the park, and even in the state.

LINK: More information about the Myakka River State Park

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