Viral 'dancing weatherman' busts moves, discusses exclusive FOX Weather features during LA visit

Fame was kind of a fluke for Meteorologist Nick Kosir, who wasn’t expecting much of a reaction when he posted his first dancing video while working for a North Carolina FOX station in 2018.

"Our bosses encouraged us to post more on social, and one day I was out of things to post, and I was scrolling through my feed and I thought - wow - I saw these guys doing a dance and I thought it looked really cool," said Nick Kosir, Fox Weather Meteorologist, aka ‘The Dancing Weatherman.'

He studied some moves and posted a video, and within hours, his phone was blowing up.

"I couldn’t believe it - I had never danced a day in my life professionally or took any classes, and I just couldn’t believe that people thought my awkward Dad moves were decent, let alone good! And I’ve been doing it ever since," he said Sunday on a visit to Los Angeles.

Now, Kosir is a Meteorologist with FOX Weather, a free app and service that allows everyone to track the weather from anywhere.

"When there’s severe weather coming, you’ve got to take cover, you’ve got to get to your safe place," he said, adding that those spaces don’t usually have TVs. "You can take our app, you can watch our live-streaming service on your phone, take it into your safe space, and we’ll keep covering that storm the whole time - you’ll never in the dark so to speak."

Fox Weather also features an exclusive long-range planning tool that allows people to monitor the weather nearly a year in advance - allowing users to plan for weddings, vacations, family reunions, and other important events.

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In addition to his role at Fox Weather, Kosie will continue to dance as long as people keep enjoying the content.

"I’m happy to be a meteorologist that helps people stay safe, and I’m also very happy to dance a little bit and maybe make somebody smile that’s having a rough day," he said.

You can check out Fox Weather by downloading the app, or stream it on YouTube TV, Amazon News, The Roku Channel, fuboTV, and Tubi, or through the Fox News, Fox Business, and FOX Now OTT app.

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